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TecOil is at the forefront of environmentally sustainable oil technology.

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Our Mission

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Our Endeavors

TecOil specializes in the acquisition and eco-friendly processing of various oils. We emphasize biological methods for purifying oils from impurities, adapting them to the requirements of modern industries.

We are committed to refining oils to meet the stringent needs of the food industry and animal feed production. Our approach includes producing fatty acids through enzymatic hydrolysis, avoiding harmful chemical processes, and contributing to biogas plant supplies.

A Message from Our CEO

“Our dedication to the planet and future generations drives our focus on biological processing methods for oil-based materials. In our vision, 'waste' is an outdated concept. We aim to produce eco-friendly products for biodiesel and biogas, significantly reducing harmful emissions. Our technologies, once seen as impractical, are now at the heart of a sustainable future. Join us on this journey of ecological innovation.”

- Mykhailo Boitsov,

CEO of TecOil



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Recycled Cooking Oil

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Processed Vegetable Oils

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Oil Production Byproducts

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Refined Animal Fat

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Fatty Acids

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Oil Refinement Services

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Biodiesel Innovation

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CEO of TecOil

Lvivska Oblast, Ukraine

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